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Why Video... Why Gerry?

What Gerry's Clients are Saying

How can Gerry Help You?

Here's What You Will Learn:

Gerry's Content Creation & Conception Tips and Techniques

  • The Brainstorming Process
  • Headlines That Turn Heads
  • Understanding and Using "Trending" Techniques
  • How to "Create to Educate"
  • Converting Viewers Into Callers
  • Framing the Message
  • The Right "Content Structure" That Works

What to Consider Before You Push Record

  • Locations... What to Look For – What to Avoid
  • Choosing the Right Equipment for You and Your Budget
  • Cameras
  • Microphones
  • Lights
  • Understanding… Just How Long it Really Takes

Step by Step How to Set Up and Shoot Like Gerry

  • Lighting
  • Camera Support/Tripods
  • Audio Equipment
  • Canon Vixia Set Up and Menu Settings Explained
  • Framing the Shot… Do's and Don'ts
  • Camera Tips & Techniques

Putting it All Together After It's Shot

  • Final Cut Express Basics
  • Transferring and Preparing the Shots
  • Editing Techniques
  • Simple Color Correction
  • File types and Output for Publishing

Gerry's Basic and More Advanced Publishing Tips & Techniques

  • Publishing Basics
  • Publishing Tools
  • LVS YouTube University Basic & Advanced
  • The Power of New Relevant Video Content
    Released Over Time
  • Video and Blogging - Video and Articles
  • What is Right for You?